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Our History

  • In September 1996, the Lord suddenly dropped the words “Summit of Light” into Minister Oleatha Bethea’s spirit as she was leaving Colorado.

  • It was not until three years later that the Holy Spirit prompted Oleatha to legally form Summit of Light.  It became an incorporated Colorado non-profit ministry on October 19, 1999.

  • In October 2000, Oleatha dissolved the initial Board and told the Lord she would not move again until He clearly told her to do so.

  • From October 2000 until July 2010, Oleatha and Mrs. Rebecca Yvonne Ruffin (Mother Ruffin) were the Summit of Light ministry team.  They routinely prayed for/with pastors and ministers, and sponsored mini sabbaticals for them on occasion.

  • On August 31, 2010, Summit of Light was incorporated as a non-profit ministry in Virginia, another volunteer three-person Board of Directors convened, and more mini sabbaticals were sponsored.

  • In July 2012, the ministry’s first book, Renewed to Soar: Inspiration from Summit of Light, Volume 1, was published.

  • On November 1, 2013, the Lord suddenly called Mother Ruffin home.  She had faithfully served as a Summit of Light intercessor and financial donor from Summit of Light’s inception until her death, and was a tremendous blessing.  And although the Lord knew what He was doing, Mother Ruffin’s transition to eternity was nevertheless a tremendous loss to the ministry, and Oleatha personally.

  • The latter part of 2014, a new Board of Directors began serving; and in early 2015, the Lord continued slowly growing the ministry as more intercessors, spiritual advisors, and a ministry assistant joined the team.

  • Over the years Oleatha did a lot of praying, fasting, and spending time alone with Lord talking with Him about Summit of Light.  Most of their conversations were about what she perceived to be Summit of Light's lack of fruitfulness.  Each time – and there were many – she decided to legally dissolve the ministry, the Holy Ghost constrained her not to.

  • But after so many years, it finally came to a head in the Spring of 2016 when she told the Lord, "Lord, You have GOT to do something!  I cannot continue this way anymore without clearly hearing from You about Summit of Light!"

  • So from mid-June until the end of July 2016, Oleatha sat on her daughter's back porch every day with her Bible, pen and notebook.  And the Lord spoke – very clearly and emphatically.  Summit of Light was to continue as He had ordained.

  • The Lord encouraged and assured Oleatha that He would surely meet Summit of Light's every need, just when it was needed – and He was faithful as do as promised.  He promised to continue doing the good work He had begun in her and through Summit of Light.    

  • Today, the Summit of Light faith journey continues.  The ministry is fruitful and continues growing as the Lord gives the increase – in ways never imagined.