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Our Prayer for You

Father God, it is in the precious name of Jesus Christ that we come on behalf of Your servant leaders…those You have called, anointed, appointed, and equipped for Your holy service.  We thank You for all that You have previously done on their behalf, and all that You will continue doing.  Lord, we thank You for the favor and tender mercies that You so lovingly bestow upon them daily.  We ask that You continue blessing them, Lord, as only You can and in ways that can only be attributed to You.


Father,  we know that You are faithful to keep every promise You have made.  Thank You!  And because of Your faithfulness, Your servants can confidently put their trust in You — knowing that You will never put them to shame.  Continue to strengthen and undergird them, Lord.  Give them a holy boldness to fearlessly minister in the power of the Holy Ghost.  Continue delivering, healing, comforting, and encouraging them.  And Lord, as they pour out, please immediately refill them.  Give them times and places to rest, and be alone with You.


Father God,  please give Your servant leaders an ever increasing awareness of Your presence and holiness.  Give them ears to unmistakably hear what the Holy Ghost speaks to them…and then the courage to obey.  Give them clear direction, wisdom, peace, and understanding.  Let them know, with unshakeable certainty, that nothing — ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!is too hard for You, and You are their Ever Present Help!


It is in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ that we thank You for hearing and answering our prayer…and we bless Your holy name, O Lord our God!  Amen.