We have been called to "minister to ministers."


With Isaiah 40:31 as our "anchor Scripture," Summit of Light exists for the sole purpose of serving other Christian ministers, and doing the will of God.


We are dedicated to serving those whom God has anointed and appointed to leadership positions within the Body of Christ — always serving with integrity, in compassion, love, humility, and with courage.  The LORD has ordained Summit of Light to pray with and intercede on behalf of other ministers, their ministries, and their families.

Ministers are constantly giving of themselves and too often do not make time to replenish that which they so freely give under the anointing of God.  It is unwise for them to attempt to meet the incessant demands of the people they serve without routinely taking time to get alone with the LORD.  To do so only sets them up for "ministry burn-out" or even more dangerous, "ministering" in the name of the LORD absent His anointing. 


Therefore, in order to continue being effective in our God-ordained ministries, it is absolutely essential for ministers to always serve from an anointing "overflow" posture — not "reserves."  This objective can only be met by spending time alone with God...habitually spending time alone with God...in an environment that is conducive to meeting Him.  Our Leader and Role Model, the Lord Jesus Christ, frequently spent private time with the Father and required it of His disciples, as well.  Hence, this requirement remains the same today — all who are called to serve in His name must spend time alone with Him.



Summit of Light's purpose for being is, quite simply, to do the will of Him who has already founded us in the spiritual realm and is now establishing us in the earth realm.  Therefore, our constant focus will be to do only that which God has called and ordained us to do — specifically, to serve in the capacity of servants (ministers) to His servants (ministers). 



Summit of Light plans to build and maintain an anointed place of solitude where God's "frontline commanders" can retreat from the heat of battle, the pressures of life, find rest for their weary souls and bodies and, most importantly, where they can spend time alone with Him.  It will be a Christ-centered retreat for Christian ministers — not a Christian resort, spa, or vacation spot.


This ministry is committed to: 


  • meeting the spiritual needs of ministers by praying with and for them, and by exhorting, admonishing, and teaching them; and


  • helping to facilitate times and places where ministers can "be still" before the LORD their God, clearly hear and receive His instructions, then depart "renewed to soar" — carrying out His orders for their God-ordained ministries and personal lives.  It is our confident expectation that from the time ministers spend with Him, God will then increase the anointing in and upon them, and that they will be better equipped to serve those God has entrusted to their care.

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