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The one word from the Lord to Summit of Light for this year is greater . . . in and with Him.


  • Intimacy

  • Obedience

  • Surrender

  • Humility

  • Reverence

  • Anointing

  • Clarity

  • Commitment

  • Compassion

  • Faith

  • Focus

  • Hope

  • Hunger and thirst

  • Joy

  • Light

  • Love

  • Passion

  • Patience

  • Peace

  • Perseverance

  • Refinement

  • Saltiness

  • Steadfastness

  • Strength

  • Wisdom

Our top ten ‘greaters’ are bolded in the order of their importance to/for us. But because the Greater One lives in us, we are expectantly looking for the living God to bring to pass His GREATER in every area of our lives and ministry. And as we are praying this for ourselves, we are also praying the very same for you and yours.

Grace, peace, and multiplied blessings!


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