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September 25, 2015


 Joshua 5:13-15


People all over the world know that the large red maple leaf on a white background represents Canada.  The big red cross on a white background represents the American Red Cross.  A white flag waved during times of war is an internationally recognized sign for ceasefire or surrender.  And most people acknowledge that a blood-stained banner is representative of the atoning death of Jesus Christ.


We easily identify nations, organizations, combat situations, or one's spiritual allegiance by the flags that are flown.  And they help up quickly know if we’re dealing with a friend or foe.


The same is true of flags, or colors, that are flown in the spirit realm.  But in this realm they only represent one of two sides – light or darkness.  Angels and demons see the flags we fly and immediately know where our allegiance lies – with light (God), or darkness (Satan).


The most globally recognized signs for death, or something that has the potential to kill, are a skull and crossed bones.  Yet many people, who may be oblivious to the spiritual significance, tattoo these symbols all over their bodies, and wear various articles of clothing with them.  I’ve even seen children and infants wearing items with these symbols.


People do the same with pirate costumes.  Our society romanticizes and makes light of pirates but in actuality, they are murderous liars and thieves – and they shall not inherit the kingdom of God (Rev. 21:8; 1 Cor. 6:9-11). 


And I won’t even go into the many other deadly symbols that are just as obvious such as those for witches and warlocks, ghouls, demons, and the like.


On another parallel note:  Halloween is not just harmless fun.  Neither are Dungeons and Dragons®, Ouija® boards, tarot cards, Harry Potter® books and movies, and all things occult.


I believe the messages flags convey in the spirit realm carry far greater weight than they do in the natural.  This is why it so troubling to see people proudly “flying flags” that stand for death and/or evil – and, sadly, far too many of them are professing Christians.


So, I close with this admonition:  Wearer beware!  And these questions:  Which flag or colors are you flying in the spirit world?  Life . . . or death?


HINT:  Choose life.  Always choose life.

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