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October 20, 2015


Mark 4:35-41


There are seasons in life when we don’t just feel overwhelmed, we actually are. 

Whether due to back-to-back traumatic experiences, significant losses, or platters we have filled to overflowing, life can be overwhelming at times.  And like the fearful disciples in Mark 4:38, we are sometimes overwhelmed because of the very real danger of perishing.


Violent storms can have that effect.  They often have a way of causing us to focus on them and their fierce intensity rather than our Hope, and our sure and steadfast Anchor while in the midst (Heb. 6:19).  And as long as our focus remains on the storm, it will undermine our faith.  I believe that’s one reason why the Lord encourages us to keep our eyes firmly fixed on Him – despite whatever is going on around us.


But that's usually easier said than done.  At such times we may still wonder where the Lord is in the midst of devastating and painful situations.  And since He is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent, we know that He sees and knows what is going on . . . that He only has to speak a word and all will be well.  But He is seemingly oblivious to our potentially deadly plight . . . and we wonder why.  As we are fighting to keep to our sanity or for our very lives, we may wonder why He seems to be so unmoved by our situations.


Yet, when we cry out during such times, the Lord quickly comes to our aid.  He speaks and deadly storms cease.  Then there is an ensuing calm and peace that leaves us in awe of the One who has just spoken.  And sometimes, there is even the gentle rebuke He directs to us afterwards, “Why didn’t you trust Me?”


Bottom-line:  The Lord is with us in the midst of life’s storms.  He has promised to shelter us in them, and to guide us through them . . . and He promises to safely get us to the other side. 


So despite a storm’s intensity or its level of destruction, we need not ever be overwhelmed.  We simply need to remember where to turn . . . to the Rock who is always higher and stronger than we are.

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