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Summit of Light is a Christ-centered, 501(c)(3) ministry with a divine mandate to "minister to ministers."  In other words, we have been called by the living God to serve Christian ministers.  And with that calling came the divine command to freely give of our time, talents, and money to those the Lord entrusts to our care. 


Since Jul 2010, Summit of Light has been under the spiritual covering of Bishop-elect Dwight S. Riddick, Sr. and the Fostering Leadership and Ministry Excellence (F.L.A.M.E.) ministry.

For years now Summit of Light has been searching for an affordable piece of land with breathtaking mountain views on which to build a guest cabin or cottage as a place of rest just for ministers.  In Jan 2019, our search heated up only for us to once again experience the disappointment of another detour.  Yet, the Lord continues encouraging us with, "Keep doing what you're doing"  — which, for the past 20 years, has been interceding for ministers and sponsoring them on mini sabbaticals to places of rest that are already established.

So, if you need a brief respite, additional prayer cover, to be encouraged, or need to be refreshed, inspired or challenged, we pray that you will reach out to how we may be of service — or that something on our site that will help you on your journey something that, to paraphrase Isaiah 40:31, will help you to keep soaring or that will enable you to be . . . Renewed to Soar!

A part of Summit of Light's divine mandate is to provide the men and women of God who are actively serving small to medium-sized congregations or ministries with times and places where they may rest.  



Photo credit:  Dr. Christian Sasse


We pray that something herein or on our Facebook page will inspire you to keep soaring.  So, we invite you to visit often!

Our Prayer for You


Pastors and ministers, here you will find a prayer especially for you and where you may also submit prayer requests.

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Sandy Cove sunset. Photo credit: Oleatha Bethea