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Our Faith

Summit of Light takes its faith and God-ordained mission seriously.


Our standards are set by God and grounded in His Word.  While they may not seem to be "politically correct" or "socially acceptable" by some in society, we are committed to living and serving unwaveringly by God's standards.


Today more than ever, our Christian values are under fierce attack.  But despite the intensified attacks, Summit of Light stands as a fundamental Bible-believing not-for-profit ministry dedicated to serving in the authority of Jesus Christ and power of the Holy Ghost.  We always endeavor to faithfully uphold our Christian beliefs with integrity.

Summit of Light has been called, ordained, and equipped by God to serve Christian pastors, ministers, missionaries, evangelists, etc.  God did not call Summit of Light to serve those who denigrate or compromise the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ; those who engage in New Age, witchcraft (of any kind), occult, pagan/neo-pagan, pornographic, homosexual, or pedophilia practices; or those who practice other activities that Scripture denounces as sin —even though practitioners may be professing "Christians."

  • Who is Summit of Light?
    Summit of Light is a small, but fruitful, all-volunteer ministry that has been called and ordained to serve other Christian pastors and ministers. Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, Summit of Light was founded and incorporated in 1999 as a Christian non-profit in Colorado. Summit of Light has been incorporated as a Christian non-profit ministry in Virginia since 2010.
  • How come I have never heard of Summit of Light?
    We serve quietly behind the scenes doing what God has called us to do; no great fanfare. Through social media and by word-of-mouth more people are now coming to hear about us.
  • What, exactly, does Summit of Light do?"
    Quite simply, Summit of Light serves Christian ministers however the Lord directs us to. At this time we primarily provide additional prayer cover and sponsor mini sabbaticals for them, in addition to blessing their wives and/or families in some way.
  • Are Summit of Light sponsored mini sabbaticals really free?
    Yes, they really are ! Summit of Light pays for the lodging and all meals during the time of a sponsored sabbatical. We are able to do this because of the faithful contributions we receive from our monthly donors, as well as the generous financial gifts we receive occasionally from others. And unless a contributor indicates their gift is to be used for a specific purpose, 100% is used to sponsor a mini sabbatical for a pastor, minister, or missionary. Those sponsored are responsible for their travel and incidental expenses.
  • Is Summit of Light a 501(c)(3) ministry?
    Yes, we are. Summit of Light is an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and we are eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions.
  • Who is eligible to receive a Summit of Light sponsored mini sabbatical?
    Christian ministers who are actively serving small to medium-sized congregations or ministries are eligible to be sponsored. For example: pastors, elders, evangelists, teachers, missionaries, ministers of music, etc. However, please note: Summit of Light expressly reserves the right to decline sponsoring a mini sabbatical for any minister whose known lifestyle, activities, and/or beliefs are a violation of God's Word, or are in direct opposition to our Statement of Faith. ​But if in doubt as to whether or not you may be eligible, please contact us.
  • Will Summit of Light also sponsor minor children on sabbaticals with their parent(s)?
    Typically, we do not. Given the purpose for a sabbatical, a Summit of Light sponsored mini sabbatical is usually limited to adults only — married (biblical definition) ministers and their own spouses, or single ministers. But the coronavirus pandemic has caused all of us to revisit the way we have been used to serving. So, contact us to see if it might be possible for a minor child(ren) to accompany their parent(s) on a sponsored mini sabbatical.
  • Want to know more about us?
    Call 877.836.7623 or reach us by .

Disclaimer:   In this Statement of Faith, Summit of Light asserts its First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution.  If  you happen to disbelieve our stated beliefs or find them objectionable, then the First Amendment affords you the same freedoms as it does us — you are free to seek out others who share your particular beliefs.  If, however, you have legitimate questions about our Statement of Faith or ministry, you may contact us by e-mail.

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