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Oleatha Everett Bethea


We are so very honored and humbled to serve the faithful servants of the living God!  If we have had the privilege of sponsoring you with a mini sabbatical, we ask you to please prayerfully consider sowing into our ministry so that others may also experience some special "alone time" with the Lord.  Thank you. 


And even if we have never sponsored you on a mini sabbatical, we still ask you to please prayerfully consider sowing into this ministry so that pastors, missionaries, and ministers can have dedicated time with the Lord to be replenished and refreshed for their service unto Him.  Thank you.  

May what we do together in obedient service to the Lord  Jesus Christ bless others as we make a great impact for His Kingdom in this earth realm. 


Grace, peace and multiplied blessings!

In His Holy Service,

Oleatha Everett Bethea

Founder & President

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