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More Sabbactical Info

A part of Summit of Light's divine mandate is to provide the men and women of God who are actively serving small to medium-sized congregations or ministries with times and places where they may rest.  We currently do this by sponsoring a number of mini sabbaticals once or twice a year. 

Since May 2017, we have partnered with En Gedi Retreat in Steamboat Springs, Colorado; they provide free retreats and vacations to pastors, missionaries, ministers, and their families at one of their locations.  

But if you have a specific place in mind and would like to know if we will sponsor your sabbatical there or would like to know if En Gedi Retreat might have an opening at one of their locations, please contact us or them.

All of our sponsored sabbaticals are FREE, are on a first come, first served basis, and are typically for three (3) nights and two (2) full days, although we have recently started expanding this special time to seven (7) days.  We take care of lodging and meal costs during the time sponsored; however, those sponsored are responsible for their travel and incidental expenses. ​

Your time with the Lord is to be spent however He directs, so Summit of Light does not plan activities, conduct workshops, have seminars, or guest speakers during sponsored sabbaticals.  We do, however, provide you with additional prayer cover while you're on sabbatical.

To further clarify who may be eligible for a Summit of Light sponsored sabbatical: 


  • If you are actively serving or ministering a small to medium-sized church/ministry, you ​may be eligible.

  • PLEASE NOTE:  (1) Summit of Light expressly reserves the right to decline sponsoring a mini sabbatical for any minister whose known lifestyle, activities, or beliefs are a violation of God's Word, or are in direct opposition to our Statement of Fait​​​h(2)  Sponsored mini sabbaticals are non-transferable.  (3)  Summit of Light is a very small ministry and we are unable to pay for mini sabbaticals that are not used when scheduled.  Therefore, ministers understand, and agree, that they will be responsible for reimbursing any mini sabbatical costs/fees that Summit of Light incurs if they (the sponsored minister) fail to take advantage of the sabbatical during the scheduled time; or if they  fail to communicate with Summit of Light in a timely manner their inability to attend and it is not because of mitigating circumstances – such as individual or immediate family illness, hospitalization, death, etc. 

If interested and you want to check eligibility, current availability, or if you would just like more general information about Summit of Light and our sponsored mini sabbaticals, please send us an e-mail.

Contact us for our COVID-19 Terms

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