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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)




1.      Who is Summit of Light?


Summit of Light is a small, but fruitful, all-volunteer ministry that has been called and ordained to serve other Christian ministers.  Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, Summit of Light was founded in 1999 and initially incorporated as a non-profit ministry in Colorado.  It has been incorporated as a Christian non-profit ministry in Virginia since 2010.



2.       How come I have never heard of Summit of Light?


For years we have quietly served behind the scenes doing what God has called us to do.  Now through social media and by word-of-mouth, more people are coming to know about us.



3.       Exactly what does Summit of Light do?


Quite simply, Summit of Light serves Christian ministers however the Lord directs us to.  At this time we primarily provide additional prayer cover and sponsor mini sabbaticals for them.


4.       Is Summit of Light a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit ministry?


Yes, we are.  Summit of Light is an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and we are eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions.  



5.      How does Summit of Light differ from other ministries with a similar mandate?


While there may be some ministries with overlapping components to Summit of Light's, there are not many others whose primary focus is like ours.  Summit of Light has been called to specifically serve Christian ministers.  Additionally, we are to afford actively serving pastors and ministers of small or medium-sized congregations/ministries with times and places where they can spend time alone with the Lord, and where they may also rest.


6.      Are Summit of Light mini sabbaticals really free?


Yes, they are free!  Summit of Light pays for the lodging and all meals during the time of a sponsored sabbatical.  We are able to do this because of the faithful contributions we receive from our monthly donors, as well as the generous financial gifts we receive occasionally from others.  And unless a contributor indicates their gift is to be used for another specific purpose, 100% of it is used to sponsor a mini sabbatical for a pastor, minister, or missionary.  This means that those sponsored only have to be responsible for their travel and incidental expenses.

7.      Who is eligible for a Summit of Light sponsored mini sabbatical?


Christian ministers who are actively serving small to medium-sized congregations or ministries are eligible to be sponsored.  For example:  pastors, elders, evangelists, teachers, missionaries, ministers of music, etc.  


However, please note:   Summit of Light expressly reserves the right to decline sponsoring a mini sabbatical for any minister whose known lifestyle, activities, and/or beliefs are a violation of God's Word, or are in direct opposition to our Statement of Faith.


​But if in doubt as to whether or not you may be eligible, please contact us.

8.      Will Summit of Light also sponsor minor children on sabbaticals with their parent(s)?

No.  Given the purpose for a sabbatical, a Summit of Light sponsored mini sabbatical is limited to adults only — married (biblical definition) ministers and their own spouses, or single ministers.  

Although Summit of Light does not sponsor minor children on its sabbaticals or sponsor family vacations for ministers, our ministry partner, En Gedi Retreat, may be able to at one of their retreat locations.  So we would encourage you to contact them for more information.



9.       Does Summit of Light sponsor sabbaticals to other places of rest?

Yes.  Although Summit of Light knows first-hand of Sandy Cove's atmosphere, which is conducive to one quickly getting into the presence of God, we realize it is not possible for everyone to experience a retreat there due to geographical constraints.  But it is our earnest desire that all places we sponsor a sabbatical to will have a Holy Ghost-charged atmosphere, like Sandy Cove's, that will afford attendees similar encounters with the Lord.

10.     How can I support or partner with Summit of Light?

There are a number of ways you may help.  However, before volunteering to serve or committing to give, we ask that you first prayerfully consider what may be required of you — we do not want anyone overextending themselves.  With that said, please know that we will very much appreciate any support the Holy Spirit leads you to give us!  We will thank you and . . . we will bless the living God! 


We need:

  • Intercessors — spiritually mature, Holy Ghost-filled and Holy Ghost-led intercessors.  We always have a need for committed prayer warriors who will pray with and for us as we seek to fulfill this ministry's divine mandate — whether for a brief period of time or a longer season. Please contact us if you are so led.

  • A CPA or PA — an individual or accounting firm with knowledge of ministries and non-profits willing to provide nominal fee or pro bono tax advice, as well as review our current accounting practices.  If your firm or you would be willing to provide such services, please contact us.

  • Donations or Financial Support — tax-deductible gifts or donations are always appreciated.  Such support helps us fund our sponsored mini sabbaticals for ministers.  Contributors may confidently donate online using PayPal; or checks may be made payable to Summit of Light and mailed to our U.S. post office address.

11.   What, if any, are the requirements for one to serve with Summit of Light?

Persons desiring to serve with Summit of Light must be:


  • At least 21 years of age;


  • A U.S. citizen — natural born or naturalized;


  • A disciple of Jesus Christ with an ongoing intimate relationship with Him; and


  • A Holy Ghost-filled, Holy Ghost-led, spiritually mature believer — one able to accurately hear the Lord's voice and then obey His instructions.


12.    Why should I give of my time, talents, or money to Summit of Light and not be compensated?


The short answer is:  Because the Lord directed you to.  But please know that no one serving with Summit of Light is financially compensated — not its founder, board members, advisors, stakeholders — no one.  The commandment we received was:  "Freely you have received, freely you are to give."  Therefore, the Lord touches the hearts of those who co-labor with us — and they are okay with not being paid.  They know that their service is actually unto the Lord, and He is the One who does the rewarding.



Still have questions?  Contact us!