Our Journey

1990s - The Journey Begins

Sep 1996

The Lord suddenly dropped the words “Summit of Light” into Minister Bethea’s spirit as she was headed back East from Colorado. Oleatha had no idea what this meant. As she ponder on those words, the Lord later revealed this was the name of a ministry she was to lead, and that she was to sacrifically serve the pastors and ministers He would be entrusting to her care. Summit of Light was to "minister to ministers."

Oct 1999

The Holy Spirit prompted Oleatha to legally form Summit of Light and the ministry was incorporated as a Colorado non-profit.

2007 - 2019

During this period, Summit of Light diligently looked for affordable land with breathtaking mountain views on which to build a guest cabin or cottage as a place of rest solely for ministers. The active search ended in Aug 2019 without us ever finding the envisioned property. But, God knows.

2000s - First Steps

Aug 2000

The ministry held its first Board meeting at the Sandy Cove Conference and Retreat Center in North East, Maryland on August 12, 2000.

Oct 2000 - Aug 2010

During this time Oleatha and Mrs. Rebecca Yvonne Ruffin (Mother Ruffin) were the Summit of Light ministry team. They routinely prayed for/with pastors and ministers, and sponsored them on mini sabbaticals.

Oct 2000

The initial Board was dissolved and Oleatha told the Lord she would not move again until He clearly told her to do so.

2010s - Slow Going

Aug 2010

Summit of Light was incorporated as a non-profit ministry in Virginia; another volunteer three-person Board of Directors convened, and more mini sabbaticals were sponsored.

Jul 2012

The ministry’s first book, Renewed to Soar: Inspiration from Summit of Light, Volume 1, was published.

Nov 2013

The Lord called Mother Ruffin home suddenly. She faithfully served as a Summit of Light intercessor and financial donor from Summit of Light’s inception until her death. She was a tremendous blessing. And although the Lord knows what He is doing, Mother Ruffin’s transition to eternity was nevertheless a tremendous loss to the ministry, and Oleatha personally.

Aug 2014

Summit of Light was granted 501(c)(3) non-profit tax-exempt status. The latter part of the year a new Board of Directors began serving; and in early 2015, the Lord continued slowly growing the ministry as more intercessors, spiritual advisors, and a ministry assistant joined the team.

Sep 2015

A newly revised and expanded edition of Renewed to Soar! Inspiration from Summit of Light was published.


Over the years Oleatha did a lot of praying, fasting, and spending time alone with Lord talking with Him about Summit of Light. Most of their conversations were about what she perceived to be Summit of Light's lack of fruitfulness. Each time – and there were many – she decided to legally dissolve the ministry, the Holy Ghost constrained her not to. Sometimes reminding her that she didn't get to do what she wanted because she had been bought with price, the precious blood of Jesus Christ.
After many years, things came to a head in the spring of 2016 when Oleatha cried out in desperation, "Lord, You have GOT to do something! I cannot continue this way without seeing fruit for my efforts! The Lord heard and encouraged her to just trust Him.

Jun - Jul 2016

Oleatha continued diligently seeking the Lord. And He did answer – very clearly and emphatically. Summit of Light was to continue as He had ordained. The Lord encouraged and assured Oleatha that He would surely meet Summit of Light's every need, just when it was needed – and He has been faithful as do as promised. He continues doing the good work that He has begun in her and through Summit of Light.
Today, the Summit of Light faith journey continues. The ministry is fruitful and continues growing as the Lord gives the increase – in ways never before imagined,

Jul 2016

Board and team members were thanked for serving and released from their service commitments.

Jun 2016

Minister Beverly A. Lyons began co-laboring with Summit of Light. She is such a blessing to the ministry, and a dynamic woman of God!

Jul 2010

Summit of Light came under the spiritual covering of Bishop-Elect Dwight S. Riddick, Sr. and the Fostering Leadership and Ministry Excellence (FLAME) ministry. FLAME mentors senior pastors and senior leaders of para-church ministries.

Jan - Jul 2019

For many years Summit of Light's search for affordable land with breathtaking mountain views waxed and waned -- land on which to build a guest cabin or cottage as a place of rest solely for pastors and ministers.

The search that heated up in in Jan 2019 once again ended up in disappointment as we yet again experienced another detour in Jul 2019.

But, the Lord continued encouraging us with, "Keep doing what you're doing" — which, for the past 20 years, had been interceding for ministers and sponsoring them on mini sabbaticals to places of rest that were already established.

2020s - Ups & Downs

Jan - Dec 2020

The COVID-19 plague hit the world with a deadly vengence. Life as we once knew it came to an abrupt halt. With places of rest closed because of the coronavirus, Summit of Light could no longer sponsor mini sabbaticals for pastors or ministers as we once did. So we, too, had to consider new ways to continue being a blessing to them. As we sought the Lord we felt led by the Holy Ghost to financially bless bi-vocational pastors who had minor children still living at home. We also partnered with local food banks and other ministries/churches in their food outreach projects to communities.

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