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From "A little Crispy" to "Total Burnout" in No Time Flat

Pastors and Missionaries, Recently, I read an email from a pastor who described their current level of health as “a little crispy.” This is a pretty common way for pastors to describe their level of burnout. As I read the words I heard from the Holy Spirit, and I was convicted to share with you that insight. 

First, pastors are generally a few months behind on assessing their current level of health, and like most things taken out of the oven, will continue to “cook” for a while even after being removed from the heat.

Second, the time between "crispy" to "overcooked" to "on fire" are separated by very brief amounts of time.  When a pastor is "feeling" crispy, now is the time to get out of the oven, and fast. Combine these two insights from the Spirit and you can more clearly see the problem: when a pastor recognizes they are starting to burn out, they are further along in burnout than they realize, and even when they start getting some rest, they will continue to advance in burnout for a while. This making taking regular rest periods more critical than ever.

My fellow journeyers, let us be bold for the King we serve. Let that begin with what we encourage each new believer to do: take an honest assessment of one’s self in light of who our King is.  It is only here, with a candid internal evaluation, that we reconcile our need of rest.


Another word here:

Your need of regular and extended periods of rest is not a sign of weakness.

You recognizing your need for rest is a sign of wisdom.

Your act of taking rest is a sign of obedience.

In the Kingdom we serve in, success is obedience.

I will keep this update short and end by saying that for most of you, 2020 has been tremendously challenging, and it's only August. Is some rest overdue?


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